All Work and No Play


I have been very busy lately…getting new clients, work on upcoming presentations, and lots of administrative work in between. There’s been little time for me to enjoy life a little, especially with my birthday coming up. A friend of mine owns a business where she teaches people to purposely interject a little play in their workday. She gave me three great ideas on how to bring a little bit of fun to a hard day at work.

1. Know when to stop. For many of us, the day may not end at 5pm, or we still have a lot to get done after a long eight hour day. My friend said that at the end of the day, take some time to get away from our work for a while. Even if there’s more work to be done, leave your desk or your office for a block of time. Then, return to what needs to get accomplished. But it’s important to take time away from work at the end of the day.

2. Take breaks during the day. I read a study recently that stated a person’s attention span can last, at most, between 50-55 minutes. This means we need to take time during the day to step away from the task at hand. What I do during the day is take total focus for 45 minutes at a time….I set an alarm. During that time I give whatever I’m doing my 100% focus. Then, when that alarm goes off, I give myself about 15 or so to get myself completely away from what I was working on. Usually, I put on Pandora and sing a little…these are my little “play times” during the day. Once I’m done, I feel so much better and am able to focus again on work.

3. One day a week for play. Over the last few months, I’ve been working a lot. My boyfriend began to notice and complained to me about how much time I was dedicated to my work. Now, I love what I do, so it’s never been work, but I also love spending time with my guy. So, we decided that I would take one day a week, usually it’s Saturday, and not do any work at all. I don’t touch my computer or check my email and I only take client calls if it’s an emergency. I make this day all about enjoying time with my guy, friends, or family, and really have fun.

Many of us work six or seven days a week and feel like we could work more if there was more time. I believe if you take a little time away to play or not focus on work, you return to you work more energized, more creative, and generally better. All of us could use a little time to play…take some and see how much better you feel!

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